Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is BIG WORK.  For several months I have been working on a mural in a classroom at the First Unitarian Church.  The students who use this classroom are mostly six and seven year olds.  It is also used by teenagers.  This mural is not finished, but it is close.  The artist friend working with me is Lynda Byers, and we have had a lot of fun and challenges.  We are planning on leaving the foreground pretty simple, but changing the color of it...although it looks pretty good in this picture.  The kids who use the classroom can paste on things they like...flowers come to mind, but it could be animals, children....who knows?   This has been very interesting.  I actually find that I would like to do another mural.  The white diagonals at the top are light fixtures, just in case you were wondering.  It's about 8 feet by 24 feet.  Actually, that's a guess.  I should measure it!   Another time, I will post a picture of the mural in the next room, which is being painted by my artist friend Jim Grondsand. 


  1. It turned out great! You must be proud--it was a lot of work....but it was worth it!

  2. I love it mom! You are so talented. I would love to be a seven year old again and see that picture through seven year old eyes!! I think it is a colorful, positive and hopeful piece of art. The church is, I am sure, grateful. Good work.