Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thanks to Peter

Oh, wow, I am still working on thank you cards from Christmas.  Well, if that's ALL I had to do, it would get done more quickly!   This is a special tribute as well to my son-in-law Peter, and today's his birthday!    When I visited him and my daughter Louisa and grandchildren Griffin and Sophia at Christmas, he learned I was "covetous" of a pen he had.  It is a special pen, and was produced especially for The Center For Public Integrity where he is senior editor.  CPI does investigative reporting.  What makes it so special is that it comes apart and can be a flash drive!!!   He gave me a pen and I never properly thanked him.

So this card is a little more elaborate than most.  The pen is shown, and how it looks when it transforms to a flash drive.  Also shown is a the cover of a disc that has pictures of Peter and his family.  I thank him for the pen, and for being such a great husband, father, and son to me.


  1. Great job, Carolyn...I don't know how you did 4 "portraits" so well! Bravo!

  2. You are so kind to appreciate it. I had to do it twice to get it to look like they were really people...not cartoons.