Thursday, July 14, 2011

NaSkeDraMo Days 12,13,14

I'm still in Washington DC and still challenging myself to a sketch a day during the month of July--NaSkeDraMo.   It is hard to keep it up, but I think I will enjoy looking back on the work.  Day 12 was a Tuesday, and those who read my other blog will know that we always go to Mr. Henry's for dinner.  It's kid's night...the kids eat free and watch a movie while the grownups enjoy some time to visit with each other.  I got there early, and had time to sketch the table setup. 

Sophia did one, too.  I drew a quick pencil drawing and she filled in the pen lines.  She noticed I date my drawings, so she did, too.

Day 13 was flowers in a mottled blue glass vase:

Day 14 is crinkly olives in a bowl.  I am a little disappointed in it, but may try it with color. 


  1. Carolyn! You have transferred your love of art to Sophia with beautiful results! This is the summer these lucky children will never forget -- time with their wonderful grandmother.

    Love your tenacity with the sketches and the tabletop ketchup is a real winner!

  2. great sketches, Carolyn....and I know you will love looking at the sketches later...I love looking at the sketches we do at your is like going back in time! Both you and Sophia did a great job!