Friday, August 12, 2011

Labyrinth III

When walking a labyrinth, a person travels a well-defined path that eventually winds up in the center and then returns to the entry following the same path.  I worked on this painting in more-or-less the same way, and incorporated various symbols and steps as I moved toward the center.  On the way back, I refined those symbols and steps, and reflected that we don't really get that chance in real life!!!  I think this labyrinth painting reflects the beauty of living...even when there are some "snakes" and "bugs" along the way...and I am very happy with the colors in this work.

Working in a series is very rewarding and leads to thoughts like those above.....and more.  I am continuing with labyrinth studies and will be posting more.  This one is 20" x 20".   I will be framing these in simple black wooden frames with no mats, using "Artspacers" to separate the art from the glass.   


  1. Carolyn: I really like this series! They seem to invite personal interpretations and thoughts about my own life, even as you explore your life!

    And, they also lead back to the delightful painting you did of your purse!

  2. The labyrinth series is wonderful....I really love how they are so different...and yet I can tell they are done by you. Excellent work!