Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesdays are sketching days


Today, my friend Celeste brought a new art surface to our Tuesday morning get-together at O'Connor's restaurant in Multnomah Village, a Portland neighborhood gathering point.  It is gesso on what is essentially a throw-away cardboard surface.  At the meeting she made it available to all the artists who were there.  Celeste is a very giving person.  After the meeting, Celeste and I went to my house for our regular Tuesday sketching session (Carrie couldn't make it) and we further explored that surface.  This is my painting of some small sunflowers in a vase.  I used an Elegant Writer pen and then did some blending with water.   We did a lot of other work, but I think this was the best of my work today.  Other work can be seen at the link above.  Thanks, Celeste, always fun to sketch with you!

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  1. I loved your "Elegant Writer" pen sketch too---such simple lines and washes ---truly "Elegant" to steal a word from the pen people. Thanks for the nice words in your post. I must say...the feelings are mutual...and I always love the "meeting after the meeting!"