Friday, March 30, 2012

Lane Gallery

This is fun and I have some news.  I met with Gila Lane at Lane Gallery and Studio today, and brought in some labyrinth and snowmen paintings.  She had already seen them on my website, but it is always better to see them "in person."  She liked them and we agreed that a show in December would be fun.  So, I will have a show at Lane Gallery--with my name on the wall and all that.  More on that later.  Lane Gallery and Studios is on SE Clinton Street, near 26th.  It's a nice little neighborhood!  Thanks to Celeste Bergin and to Susan LeMaster for helping me get this going.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Sketch Book

Many years ago, I got a beautiful hand-tooled leather sketchbook cover.  Somehow, over time, it got pushed aside and replaced by my favorite  "Aquabee Sketchbooks."  I recently re-surfaced it and decided to start using it again.  It is so pretty!  I did a little on-line research and the company, Oberon, is still in business and making these:  Mine is in the 6" x 9" size, and I think I got it in the 1980s.   The designs are a little different, and they also do covers for Kindles, iPads and all sorts of things.  Beautiful!

I bought a new refill and now will be using it regularly.  I decided to take the lead from my friend Carrie and do a front page. I'm not posting that page here because I'm not happy with it.  I did it in dim light at O'Connor's Vault in Multnomah Village while watching a band.  I may re-work it, but for now I just need to get the sketching started.

Here's one:  the lead guitar player for the Jack McMahon Band.

I haven't been sketching much and need the practice.  That was a fun way to get it, and I'll do it again.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

An eagle kite!!!

I am sad to say that I totally fell behind in my Christmas thank you notes and the project of making a little watercolor painting of the gift on a card that becomes the thank you note.  Since it is getting to be late March, now, I am just going to admit that I had a lot of great gifts and felt very well-loved.  Having all my daughters here was a special treat.

About a month and a half ago, though, I started to paint a card from an eagle kite that Catherine gave me.  I love the kite and I liked the design of the card....showing just the head in profile and part of the body and wings.  The "flashes" of red are fun.  So, I finished it and here it is.

Catherine, thanks again for that special kite to add to my collection.  You know how much I also loved the white flower petals for the bath.  They recall the fortune-teller in Cuba who had told me to bathe with white flowers, not soap.  I can fantasize every once in awhile that I am following that romantic advice....even though the petals have soap in them and I'm not really ready to give up soap anyway...even for fragrant flowers!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A portrait of Jenifer

I finally completed this painting of my daughter Jenifer.  It began it several years ago, after I took a workshop with Ted Nuttal.  I struggled with it and finally got some advice last week from my good friend and mentor, Kitty Wallis---she said don't be afraid to go darker.  I did as she suggested, and I like the result.  Kitty might say to go even darker than this, but it is enough for me.  Jen likes it, it's done.  BTW, she's still just as pretty as that great day we enjoyed in the Columbia River Gorge when I took the photo I used as a reference.

Monday, March 5, 2012


January and February kind of flew by for me, and now it is March and I am still working on my Christmas thank yous.  No, I didn't get a horse....thank goodness, really.  I think my life is busy enough without that responsibility.  What I got (from Louisa and Peter) was a ticket to see the show, "Cavalia."  It was truly amazing.  It's a cross between Cirque de Soliel and a very classy horse show.  There were acrobats as well as horses and it was all very beautiful.   The thing I liked the best was a woman straddling two horses and controlling another pair!  Four all together.  Very fast and smooth.  Thanks you, Louisa and Peter.  It was an amazing show.