Sunday, March 18, 2012

An eagle kite!!!

I am sad to say that I totally fell behind in my Christmas thank you notes and the project of making a little watercolor painting of the gift on a card that becomes the thank you note.  Since it is getting to be late March, now, I am just going to admit that I had a lot of great gifts and felt very well-loved.  Having all my daughters here was a special treat.

About a month and a half ago, though, I started to paint a card from an eagle kite that Catherine gave me.  I love the kite and I liked the design of the card....showing just the head in profile and part of the body and wings.  The "flashes" of red are fun.  So, I finished it and here it is.

Catherine, thanks again for that special kite to add to my collection.  You know how much I also loved the white flower petals for the bath.  They recall the fortune-teller in Cuba who had told me to bathe with white flowers, not soap.  I can fantasize every once in awhile that I am following that romantic advice....even though the petals have soap in them and I'm not really ready to give up soap anyway...even for fragrant flowers!

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