Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Sketch Book

Many years ago, I got a beautiful hand-tooled leather sketchbook cover.  Somehow, over time, it got pushed aside and replaced by my favorite  "Aquabee Sketchbooks."  I recently re-surfaced it and decided to start using it again.  It is so pretty!  I did a little on-line research and the company, Oberon, is still in business and making these:  Mine is in the 6" x 9" size, and I think I got it in the 1980s.   The designs are a little different, and they also do covers for Kindles, iPads and all sorts of things.  Beautiful!

I bought a new refill and now will be using it regularly.  I decided to take the lead from my friend Carrie and do a front page. I'm not posting that page here because I'm not happy with it.  I did it in dim light at O'Connor's Vault in Multnomah Village while watching a band.  I may re-work it, but for now I just need to get the sketching started.

Here's one:  the lead guitar player for the Jack McMahon Band.

I haven't been sketching much and need the practice.  That was a fun way to get it, and I'll do it again.


  1. oooo I do love that sketchbook cover! Your guitarist is good, nice turn to his body. :) I'll be watching for more sketches!

  2. Thanks, are my best "commenter," and I do appreciate it.

  3. I remember that cover from the other day. I thought you could get any old sketch book to fit in there. Anyway, now you're set so lets go sketching!