Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cosmos from Nancy

Recently, when I saw Nancy at a potluck dinner with a few of our friends, she surprised us by giving us a little plant for the garden.  The choices were marigolds or this cosmos.  I chose the cosmos because I have been growing some marigolds from seed, which are doing very well.  I love it and it is in a beautiful little planter that kind of matches the color of the blooms.

Thanks, Nancy, for this little reminder about Spring and growth.


  1. Did you know you have to buy seeds at the store if you want white cosmos? When they re-seed themselves, the default color is the pale pink. Remember Mendel's peas and recessive genes from biology 202?

  2. Very interesting, Carrie. I once had white marigolds "Man in the Moon Marigolds" and you can't get them anymore. They were a hybrid, and couldn't be reproduced. Plants are interesting.