Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Multnomah Village Sketching

Today, I sketched with friends Carrie and Eunice in my little neighborhood haunt, Multnomah Village.  We went to a couple of galleries where artists we know were showing and then decided to do some sketches.  We set up at the Lucky Labrador Pizza and Pub, which is a nice spot with outside tables and umbrellas.  I wanted to sketch a dog but, even though the restaurant is "dog-friendly," we didn't see a single dog.  There wasn't even one walking by.  The sketch above needs a dog.  The guy was pretty good, and I love the umbrellas...but wanted a dog in the foreground. Oh, well, we also sketched dumpsters.  Here's my version:
And I also sketched Carrie's beer.  Beer is something I needed to do for the Urban Sketcher's Scavenger Hunt.   She may have gotten it so that I could do the sketch.  She is that kind of friend.  Her sketch kit and book are in the background.  The ashtray is unfortunate.  We unwittingly sat at the smoking table.


  1. very fun sketches..I was surprised to see the ashtray..but that's cool..it gives it a "Mad Men" type of vibe.

  2. We inadvertently sat at a table for smokers. It had a fun shape, so that was good. Thanks for the comment