Friday, July 13, 2012

From Jan

My friend Jan recently took a trip to Eastern Europe...and this is what she brought back.  It is a beautiful hand-painted egg with a distinctive design.  The red is much richer than I show it.  I did the painting with marking pens and used a yellow watercolor background.  That yellow keeps showing up.  It always looks kind of sunny to me.  The little sprig of flowers on the front is repeated on the back.  Jan collects eggs and so I know this is a very good certainly is pretty.  I think it came from Prague!!!  I looked up information on line and found these eggs really are used as Easter decorations and are called kraslice.   This one came a long way to Portland, Oregon.

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  1. wow, can you imagine the work that goes into an egg like that? I do love that sunshine background. Nice painting!