Monday, October 22, 2012

A Silver and Amethyst Bracelet from Patty

Recently my friend Patty visited Mexico and I was surprised to get a beautiful silver and amethyst bracelet she bought there.  I couldn't think of how I could display it, and so found a picture of a hand with a meditation mudra and so painted that.  It fits for Patty since she is someone who meditates regularly.  She is also co-leader of a Centering Prayer group I go to.   I tried to paint my own hand, but found it too hard.  This is a beautiful bracelet and is much more delicate that it appears in the painting.  Thanks, Patty.  You are always so thoughtful.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Mistress of Darkness" Tattoos!

Halloween is coming up. I am ready for it and, thanks to my friend Nancy, I have some great "Mistress of Darkness"  tattoos (temporary, of course) to use.  They have hearts and black flowers and vines and black blood dripping down.  The picture above is my little painting of just one of them.  It was quite a challenge.  There's also a spider that I didn't even attempt to draw!  They will be great fun in the next couple of weeks.   When I made the "thank you" card for Nancy, I added this sketch is on the back:

The "blood" is really drippy.