Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gifts from the Smiths....Amsterdam and Brugge!!!!

It was all so excited and worldly!   While I was in Japan, Louisa and her family went to Amsterdam.  They stayed in a cousin's house and had a true "local" experience.  What fun...Griffin and Sophia on their first trip "abroad."

Of course, the Van Gogh Museum was high on the list of "Things That Must Be Seen."  I have never been there myself, but now I want to see it.  Even though I haven't been there, I have gifts from Van Gogh.   I am afraid I did not do justice to the cute lunch box, but it is charming.  I will fill it with some art stuff.  I need that inspiration.  When I got it, it was filled with fruit jellies from, what an exquisite lunch that is!   To the right (the unfortunate blue blob) is the premier gift of all---a silk scarf printed with a Van Gogh painting.  It is absolutely beautiful, but it was too much for me to even attempt.  My try to paint it folded does give the impression of fabric, but I fell way short on the colors.    They are, needless to say, very complex.

The other gifts are a very delicate lace handkerchief from Brugges---handmade Belgian lace!   It is so lovely and sophisticated.   It is hard to think of putting it to use....maybe weddings, child dedications, and funerals..or maybe just in a spot where I can admire it.

And---tastiest treat of all.--Belgian chocolates.  This is something you hear about, but I think the ones sold here are not the good stuff.  These were creamy, chocolate-y, hard to stop eating and fun, too.  The guy on the box is (I think) Dominique Persoone, who is a "Shock-O-Latier."   There is a brochure, but I can't read it.  I think he is a made-up person, but his motto is "Chocolate Is rock 'n' roll.  You know I love that.  Best chocolate I have EVER had!

A card with this little painting has been sent to the Smiths.....Thank you...and thanks for thinking of me on your adventure.

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