Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gouache en plein air

I signed up to take a plein air class with Bernie Dellario to learn about techniques of painting plein air in gouache.  I think it will be a little more freer in execution than watercolor, but with the same efficiency of supplies...just a palette that can be transported dry, a few brushes and a surface.  We had our first session last Saturday at a park near my townhouse, Folger Park.  I should look it up, but the same Folgers who supported the Shakespeare Library and Theater may have funded  this park.  It is a quiet place in the neighborhood.  Bernie told us about the materials and methods he uses and then we went to work.  I decided to paint what may be boring to some, but the composition was challenging.  There is a huge cement marker (I don't  know what else to call it) set off with benches on either side.  What I like is the texture of the trees behind, contrasted with the wall of the marker.  I also noticed some interesting angles in the sidewalks and grass.  I wanted to give it a try.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of wind and I was seized with a huge allergy attack.  I simply could not finish my painting and had to give up.  I saved my start and will go at it again next week. I am not showing it here because it was a simple start.  

These are my painting companions, David and Bernie.  I think they made it through.  The good thing is that the wind made the atmosphere so clear.  I loved Bernie's approach and look forward to learning from him.


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  1. What a beautiful day in DC! I'm looking forward to seeing your painting and hearing your thoughts about gouache, too.