Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Little Fun with Sheryl and a Blue Dish

As part of my recent trip to California, I visited with my friend Sheryl in Mill Valley.  We had a really nice visit and stayed with her a couple of nights.  Alas, I did not bring a present even though she was a great hostess and recently had a birthday.  I decided to send her a blue glass bowl that I bought at Saint Coletta School.  It was made by developmentally disabled young adults who are at the School.  It is a really lovely cobalt blue.  Before sending it, I thought it would be fun to fill it with clementines and make a little painting on a card.  That painting is above.

When Sheryl got it, she sent me a photo of the bowl, again with clementines (or maybe oranges) on her windowsill...with the little painting and a matching blue goblet.

That made it a little more fun!

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