Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Daffodil Friends"

This is a recently completely painting.  The medium is watercolor and pastel.  It is on canvas treated with absorbent ground.   The format vertical (8" x 24") because I painted it especially for a show called "Vertical" at Capitol Hill Arts League.

It was quite a challenge, and the painting didn't even get into the show!

I like it anyway, so I am posting it here.  I will put it on my website, too.

Instead of being under glass, it is varnished.  Another unusual thing for me is that I painted the sides of the painting and presented it without a frame.

Taking on something that I wasn't sure I could "pull off" helped me get into a creative zone, but I will probably stick with more traditional watercolor.  This was a lot of fun for me, even though it evideently didn't appeal to the juror.