Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I haven't posted to this blog in awhile, but plan to get back into doing it more regularly.  I have been taking watercolor classes from David Daniels through Smithsonian Associates.  You can learn more about him at  His teaching style is just right for me.  We begin with a critique of the work we've been doing since the last class,then David does a demonstration of techniques and ideas.  The rest of the time (2 1/2 hours) is spent painting.  David makes time to visit with everyone and is sensitive to who needs more advice and who should just go with it.  The class is fairly large, but he makes time for everyone.

David's inspired me to take some risks with my work, and here's an example.  In this one, I did a non-representational wash and glazed another non-representation wash over it.  I then thought about what it could be and decided a path would work and sketched it out.  I used frisket in some places and then did the painting.  It has lots of layers.  I like the "spirit" of it and will do this again, though I am not very happy with my use of frisket.  It was fun, and my plan is to make more art posts on this blog.  I have been doing it on Facebook, but the blog format gives me a history of only the art....not the other stuff.