Thursday, December 5, 2019

Hiroshima August 6

This is a painting that reflects back to my trip to Hiroshima, Japan, a few years ago.  Every year, on August 6, the anniversary of the bombing, there is a big commemoration.  It really is huge and the Mayor of Hiroshima issues a call for the end of nuclear weapons and of war.  In the evening, people gather at the river and send out handmade paper lanterns.  Hope for Peace indeed.

The building is called the Peace Dome and it was very near the epicenter.  It mostly survived. The Peace Park is nearby with many memorials to those who perished.   Being there was truly a moving experience.  True confession: I did this painting from a photograph.  The family I was staying with in Hiroshima wanted to have a sushi dinner and show family photos on the night of the observance.  We went to the daytime events and saw Caroline Kennedy, so that was interesting.  Well, I put family first, so didn't actually see this lantern ceremony in person.

By the way, the people I met in Hiroshima welcomed Americans.  Why?  Because we stayed true to a promise to help them rebuild after the War.  It was an enlightenment to me.

I'm posting this now because I recently finished the painting and because it will be in an upcoming show at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW).  Reception is December 14 at 5;30-7:30.  I did the painting as part of the Wednesday Studio at CHAW.  I am grateful to be part of that group, and than Ellen Cornett who is an amazing teacher. 

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