Monday, August 19, 2019

TY Jan

When I had a recent birthday, I got a present from Jan that was a gift certificate to the local framing shop, Frame of Mine.  I am not making a painting of the actual gift (the frame) but am including in this post the painting that will go in it.  It is an impressionistic view of the Columbia River Gorge, as seen from the Maryhill Museum of Art.   The Maryill Museum is on the Washington side and this is a view of the Oregon side as seen across the River..

It is very impressionistic and I am not sure I even like it.  It is an early Spring view.  There is not much green later in the year.  The red is cliffs.  

My plan is to enter it into a show "Earth Wind Fire" that will be at Frame of Mine in September.  

The frame is distressed gold with a light blue highlight.  I think it will look good, and I thank Jan for the gift certificate.  That made it much easier for me.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Coffee and chocolate

I recently was in a car accident and sustained an eye injury which is healing nicely.  The first week, I couldn't see well and had to be escorted around.  A couple of guys (Griffin Smith and Bryan Cassidy) tried to cheer me up with comfort food---coffee chocolate candy bars from Trader Joe's.  I am much better now and it looks like there will be no long-term damage.  The injury was caused by the side curtain air bag.   I am grateful for the safety features of new cars as it could have been much worse.  No-one else was injured.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


As many know, I have a big problem with one of my feet.  It feels numb almost all the time due to peripheral neuropathy.  I had thought for a long time about trying CBD oil, but never followed through.  For my birthday I got some CBD salve from the Smiths and also a good foot massage.  I have been trying it the salve for about a month.  It feels good, and I always love a foot massage, but I don't think it is really helping.

CBD comes from hemp, which I have sketched above.  I had to go on-line for a picture as I don't actually have any hemp.  Although it is related to marijuana, it is significantly different....mostly because it does not have THC.  THC is the ingredient that causes people using marijuana to feel high.  No high with CBD!   Just a comfortable foot treatment, even if it isn't an actual cure....a least, not for me.

Thank you, Louisa and Peter, for the thoughtfulness!   I have been paying more attention to the foot!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Many gifts from Jan

Before Jan and I went to Rome a couple of months ago, she stayed with me for a few days and (of course) she brought some hostess gifts.  Although a little late, I still need to say thank you to her.  She is always so generous, and good company, too.  One of the gifts is a book called The Daily Book of Art.  Although I may be a little late in offering thanks, I have actually kept up on that book each day since a few days after returning from Rome.  It is a good exercise as the book contains a great variety--descriptions of museums, art history, art concepts, and much more.  Every few days there is an guided exercise to "make art."   One of these, doing a watercolor of a butterfly, inspired the painting for my thank you card. 

Jan also brought some fragrant soap and a game called "Quiddler."  The Smith family loves the Quiddler game so much that it ended up at their house.  That's fine.  I can't play it by myself anyway.

Since then, Jan has sent me another book---an interesting "take" on the art world.  It is An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin.  Yes, that Steve Martin.  It is a fascinating look at the art scene in the 90s and early 2000s in New York.  There are reproductions of some of the paintings referred to, which is a nice touch.  I had no idea Steve Martin knows as much as he does about the art world.  Good book.  Thank you, Jan, for these thoughful gifts and, more importantly, for your special friendship.


Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thank you Jen and Erik

Recently, for my birthday, I got a wooden foot massager. It really works and is so effective to use.   I thought about making a painting of it, but it is not all that pretty.  I decided to use the pattern of the wood carving as inspiration for a design....and this is what happened.  I love the massager and the inspiration.  Thank you Jen and Erik....well, I think mostly Jen.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Draw a Bird Day

Today is June 8, and the 8th of the month is Draw a Bird day.  This is my bird.  A blue jay!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Bammy and Jen

This is kind of fun.  My grandmother, who I called Bammy, poses with my daughter Jen.  I was the first grandchild for Bammy and she didn't want to be called Granny or Grandmother.  Her name was Aimee and the best I could do was Bammy.  All of her grandchildren ended up calling her that.  When my mother became a grandmother, she was Gammy, and now I am Cammy.  It works for us!

Jen was about four years old when the picture was taken.  It was in Anderson, California.