Friday, July 20, 2018

TY Nancy

Another great gift!   This is a pendant with a dragonfly from my friend Nancy.  It was so much fun to paint it because the copper is so rich in color and texture.  Nancy also gave me a dragonfly for a houseplant.  I didn't paint it--it was already with my philodendron.  Very meaningful gifts!!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

TY Virginia

My birthday was a month ago, but I am still catching up on my thank you notes.  I am grateful and have a lot to be thankful for!

One of the special things that happens each year is flowers from Virginia.  This year, they were very delicate pink roses with baby's breath.  I love it and this is the painting I did on the thank you card that I am sending to Virginia.

Virginia also sends me a little bonus.....which I always put into my art supply account.  That is very nice.

Thank you Virginia!  Love Ya!  Love Ya!

Monday, July 9, 2018


This is always so much fun.  I recently enjoyed a dinner with friends Patty, Jan and Nancy--"dragonfly" friends.  When I lived in Portland, we used to have dinner together and also do other things together. Patty is the only one who still lives in Portland.  I am in DC, Jan is in Arizona, and Nancy is in Springfield Arizona. We were able to get back together on June 30 at Patty's place.  It was a real treat. 

We usually exchange gifts at the dinners.  I had unfortunately left my gifts for the others back in DC, but will soon get them in the well as the thank you notes for the gifts that were given to me. 

Patty gave me an Oregon "Roots" mug.  I didn't paint the mug, but made a painting on the thank you card of a black Oregon state image with trees and the word "ROOTS" on the black field.  I love Patty's reminder that I put down roots in Oregon. 

She also took me to the Lan Su Chinese Garden, where she is a member, and surprised me with a cast dragonfly from their gift shop.

Patty also hosted me for the whole trip---several days.  We had lots of fun times together and some delicious meals.  Thank you Patty for making all this possible.   

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Draw a Bird

I recently joined a new art group, the Wednesday Studio.  One of the traditions of this group is to draw a bird on the 8th of each month. This is my first entry---an albatross.  I did it from an internet image.  I have never seen an actual albatross.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


I recently had a birthday...accompanied by lots of fun activities.  One of those was a dinner, hosted by daughter Louisa Reynolds Smith at Fiola Mare in Georgetown.  It's an extra-special place and we were joined by long-time friend Kanae Watanabe.

As a further treat, Kanae brought macarons from Laduree, a french bakery also in Georgetown.  Those are the best!  So, I made a little thank you card painting and shared them with the Smiths.

Thursday, June 7, 2018


Here is something very unusual for me.  I began this many years ago when I was in Trails End Art Association in Gearhart Oregon.   It is an exercise of flooding the paper with watercolor and then picking out some images.  For those who care about color, it was alizarin crimson and indigo blue.  I am not sure where the apparent yellow in the image comes from but...hey...OK.  Recently, I took it to my Capitol Hill Art League critique group and got some ideas about improving it.  Unfortunately, I don't have a "before" picture.  Their suggestions were great and now I consider it a finished painting....though there is still a high level of mystery about what is going on.  In this case, I like that.

Friday, June 1, 2018

TY Smith family

Peter, Louisa, Griffin and Sophia recently took a trip to the West Coast, including the San Juan Islands.  In Friday Harbor, they visited Palindaba Lavender and brought back some special lavender treats for me.  It was quite a bounty---lavender and chocolate candy bars, lavender sugar scrub, traditional lavender oil and a treatment stick that is a lavender balm.  All wonderful.  I particularly like the treatment stick which is a natural (and fragrant) antiseptic.  It is, as they say "ALL GOOD."  I don't think I had ever tasted lavender and chocolate bars before.  The white chocolate one was particularly tasty>

I made a little painting from the photograph of the farm that is on the Palindaba brochure as a thank you!!!!  And thanks, Smith family, for thinking of me when you were there.