Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pretty Glass Heart from Sheryl

I visited my friend Sheryl in Mill Valley on New Year's Day.  We had a great visit--lots of laughs---and she gave me this very pretty glass heart ornament.  I didn't do it justice in this painting.  I had it on my table and was making this card when Celeste came over.  She made a sketch of this same heart, and had a little fun with it.  Hope she doesn't mind my "blog-jacking" it from


  1. Really ?? Blog-jacker??
    I think you have coined a new phrase!

  2. Love it..."blog-jacker". Also really enjoy your and Celeste's interpretation of the glass heart ornament! I am tickled with the pixie and thank you for your rendition, Carolyn. Quite lovely. I look forward to receiving and framing the card.

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  4. oops, I was signed in under wrong account (and deleted my comment). here is what I wanted to say!:
    oh, I love your heart, Carolyn! I like how you put trees behind is always so much fun to sketch in your kitchen. You are more than welcome to blog-jack (lol)! :)