Saturday, February 26, 2011

From Nancy----A Dragonfly Card Holder and A Heart Rock

My friend Nancy gave me these treasures a couple of months ago, and I am only now getting the painting done.  It is a card and I will see her tomorrow night and give it to her then.  I call it a Dragonfly card holder, but it kind of defies description.  I put a postcard of Mount Fuji in it, but could put in a recipe or a business card of someone I want to call or a quote I like.  Many possibilities!  The heart rock is natural....found by Nancy and shaped like a heart.  She looks for them and makes them into magnets.  So much fun.  I plan to look for heart rocks in my future walks on beaches and trails, and whereever I am.  My kitchen chair is in the background as this was on the kitchen table when I painted it.  Thanks, Nancy!   You're all heart!!!!


  1. I love the dragonfly card holder! This is soooo complex--I MEAN! Mt. Fuji, a chair, a heart shaped rock....a dragonfly! A coiled clip....LOL---how did you do it and make it all make sense? It's great!

  2. Gorgeous card! I think I need to give you something inspirational so I can have my own card painted by you!