Monday, March 28, 2011

See's Chocolate Truffles from Virginia

Here's something fun to eat and fun to paint!!!   Virginia sent me some chocolates for my Dad's birthday.  We all miss him, but it is especially hard for her.  These are really my favorite kind and they are delicious.  I had painted them before while they were still in the box, but this time I took a very old English china sugarbowl and turned it upside down and perched a truffle on top.  Then I put another truffle on the table.  Painting the complex calico china pattern was quite a challenge.   I included the "setup" in this picture to show what it is, but it is kind of hard to see.  I changed the colors of the wrappers because I wanted some extra variety.  The sugar bowl is part of a very pretty tea set that has been in my family for years.  At the Plum Gallery, we like nice things and tasty well as art.  This kind of pulls that all together for me, plus links to family.  The little card is actually just a piece of watercolor paper.  I wrote a note on the back and put it in a very fancy red envelope and it is on its way to California.

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