Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blue Kangaroo Coffee House

Sometimes, it is a good idea to check out other galleries and not just hang around the Plum Gallery.  Yesterday, I went to the Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters to see a show of paintings by Celeste Bergin.  It looked great.  The place smells terrific--that good fresh coffee smell!  How I love it!  Here's some of Celeste's paintings, featuring figures:

The mother and daughter in my picture were charming.  They were practicing grammar---mostly the difference between verbs and adjectives.  It really was quality time. Here's some more of Celeste's paintings:

This is also a good time to say, "thank you, Celeste"...for your friendship, for being a great companion on the mural varnishing project, and for all around good times...such as a great lunch at Brasserie Montmartre...and more.

PS:  David McBride is also in the show, but I wanted to feature Celeste.  

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  1. thanks for the "press" Carolyn! Blue Kangaroo is a great place...we have to have some coffee there ourselves one day. These are great photos! Thanks, too, for your're the BEST!