Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Bracelet from Celeste

My friend Celeste is so amazing.  Recently, she took me out to lunch and gave me a beautiful bracelet.  The bracelet is the image of Ouroboros.  You can wear it with the snake swallowing his tail or you can wear it with the tail laying alongside.  It is quite lovely, and is from Victorian Trading Company.  My painting does not do it justice, though it is "sparkly" because I used a metallic silver pen!  Fans of Jim Gronsand will notice that the bracelet is also evocative of one of his paintings.

This is a continuation of my series of thank you cards, so it will be sent to Celeste.

Celeste gives so much---she keeps our art group "together," she is a caring and thoughtful friend, AND she is a very good artist.  I am honored to call her "friend." 


  1. Great bracelet and what a thoughtful way to express your thanks by painting the gifts on the cards you send. You are a sweetheart, Carolyn. I like the sparkle in the painting -- can't wait to see the bracelet in person.

  2. ahhhh the feeling is mutual, Carolyn! I consider you one of my very best friends....You did an outstanding job painting the very cool is such an interesting symbol and I like that it means "renewal"... I look forward to seeing this in person!

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