Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All Church Show--First Unitarian Church

Yesterday afternoon I worked with my friends on the Art Wall Committee to hang a show.  It is very interesting because anyone who goes to First Unitarian Church could bring in some of their art, photography or other creative work.  It's unjuried, and each work of art is accompanied by a photo of the artist. 

In the photo above, my painting is the floral in the large gold frame. It is 24" x 36."  It has been posted on this blog before.

Jim Gronsand was on the Art Wall Committee and had planned to be in the show before he unexpectedly died.  We hung a detail from the mural he had worked on...a photo of just the moon from the mural.   All of the proceeds from sales of that photo will go to the Church.  Photos are fun in that way because there is no limit to how many prints you can make!   Below is a photo of Lynda Byers, who worked with me on a different mural and is working to preserve Jim's mural, and the "Moon" print.  She is being a little "goofy" because she couldn't find an "H."  She did find it, so it is an "All Church Show," and not a "sow" after all!

Pictures of the murals that Jim, Lynda, I, and Celeste have worked on were posted in an earlier blog entry.  Here's a better version of the "Moon" detail, with Jim's grid markings.

Because of the variety of work in the show, including one sculpture, it was a challenge to put it together, but we did it, and it looks good.   The Art Wall Committee is one of the best things about First Unitarian Church!

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  1. The moon detail came out looking great...Congratulations on the show, your painting looks so good on the wall, hope to see it in person soon!