Friday, June 17, 2011

Eight Treasures Tea

It's "birthday season" for me and I have been celebrating for at least a couple of weeks.  I think it's pretty much over now....but I got a lot of good ideas, and new gifts to commemorate!!!   My cup overfloweth!!!  Truely....

Speaking of cups, this is a cup of very special tea served at the Chinese Garden (Lan Su) in Portland.  My friend Patty took me there for a  few moments to walk in the garden, enjoy the tea, and savor our friendship.  The tea was called "Eight Treasures Tea" and was served ceremoniously in clear cups with lids, and on clear saucers.  We were also supposed to drink it ceremoniously, somehow keeping the lid on while sipping....which caused a little humor.  I took the lid completely off to make this painting.  The background is the bamboo table. 

All of the elements of the tea were edible, of course--flowers, leaves, and what I thought might be lychee nuts.  I was not quite into eating the different textures, but the tea and the visit with Patty were absolutely fabulous, and a nice reason to celebrate another year of life.

Thanks, Patty.  This memory is worth at least eight "treasures."

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