Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Ever-Generous Celeste

As is our custom, Celeste, Carrie, and I have sketching session once a week.  (These can be seen at www.behindthescenes-ppasp.blogspot.com as well as some other great work from the Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters.)  My recent birthday was a special occasion and we had a lunch and then did the sketching.  For me, it was really "over the top" because I also got birthday gifts.  Now, anyone who knows Celeste knows that she has a tendency to go "all out."  This is my sketch of the birthday gifts from Celeste---a box of special birthday chocolates by Dove that had a special message inside each one, a gift card to use when I am out enjoying art museums in Washington DC and want to have a nice lunch, and a mood bracelet.  Very treasured gifts.  We ate all the chocolates, the gift card is yet to be used, and I wear the mood bracelet every day.  Usually, it is blue, which means happy, and I usually am.  It is fun and also a reminder to check my attitude....then, an even more important message---Don't take this whole thing too seriously! 

Today would have been a sketching day and I missed it!!   I did have a good day with my granddaughter Sophia, though, and we always have some art projects going on.  Further, a little on-line research revealed "DC Sketchers" (a Saturday morning group) and I plan to join in on Saturday.

Thanks, Celeste, for the special treasures, and the warm and wondereful memories!!!  You are a trusted friend and a great artist as well! 

Birthday gratefulness continues..... 

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  1. what a great surprise to see my presents "memorialized" and in such a lovely way! I'm glad your mood is showing happy! LOL...we're not all that happy without you! Still, it is hard to beat family time! Thanks for the post! I love this!!