Monday, June 27, 2011

Thank you, Carrie!

This is STILL about my birthday!!!  Carrie took Celeste and me out to lunch at Regions and Seasons and then we came back to my house to have a little sketching party.  I know, it is not what everyone would love, but it is our idea of a good time with girlfriends. 

I did this sketch later.  Carrie bought me some coffee to take to Washington DC..  I'm visiting my daughter's family there.  They are not coffee drinkers themselves, so coffee is always an issue.   In the painting, I didn't just want to show the coffee, I wanted some brewed coffee in a cup.  What better cup than the "bee" cup which we all cherish?  It is special and every week, when we have our sketching party, we have to determine who has deserved the honor of the bee cup.  On my birthday, Carrie definitely deserved the honor of the bee cup. 

I also included cherry tomatoes in a bowl.  I believe tomatoes are best when never refrigerated, and so keep them in a bowl on the kitchen counter.  On this particular day, Carrie noticed I had them in a very pretty bowl and so she brought them from the counter to the table.  She has an eye for what might make a good sketch. 

When my granddaughter Sophia saw me making the card, she wanted to do one, too.  I traced the design and then let her paint it.  Here's the result:

Pretty nice job!!!!


  1. What a great little painting! I'm taking Grandma lessons from you -- Sophia is GOOD!

  2. Beautiful painting, Carolyn of your tomatoes, the coffee and the beloved "bee" cup that we all fight over haha! ...(you captured it perfectly) Love Sophia's painting too...really pretty!

  3. I love both of yours and Sophie's painting. Wow, did Sophie ever capture the painted bowl. Hope you are having a little of that coffee every morning.