Friday, July 8, 2011

NaSkeDraMo--catching up

I've kept up the Sketch A Day project, and posted one for each day in the Washington DC SketchCrawl group, but haven't kept up posting them for the Plum Gallery.  The SketchCrawl group is a "closed" group, so the postings aren't public.  Now I know.

Day 4 was the 4th of July.  The guy above is waiting for the Capitol Hill neighborhood parade to begin. There were a lot more people, but the view from my very comfortable chair in front of Starbuck's became I had to just call the one guy  and the lamppost he stood by "it."
The sketch for Day 5 was a white lily in a bouquet I had bought for Louisa a couple of days earlier.  It's watercolor on one of the Strathmore watercolor cards.

On July 6, it was a sketch of Capitol Hill Day School, near a park where Sophia and I sketched from a very comfortable bench.

I was inspired by a bottle of basalmic vinegar for the July 7 sketch....and then added a bottle of olive oil from Italy, too.  Cooking note:  Good basalmic vinegar comes from Modena, Italy.  This one is proudly from Modena.

Day 8 already, and this is a line sketch of my new sketch kit.  I love stretches around my sketchbook...and actually I can slip in one for Sophia, too.  We are all set to "Do Art!" sharing pencils and erasers (we have a very popular pink one and a white one).

In the SketchCrawl DC Facebook group, there is a diversity of artists, which is great.  Some are sketching totally from their imagination, some are working from photos or memories, and some are working from life.  So far, I am happy to report that all of my sketches have been from life....and I definitely have a bias toward that process.  Thanks to my Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters group for showing me that path.


  1. GREAT sketches! Lots of fun to look'll be all practiced for when you get back, you'll sketch circles around the rest of us! lol..I can't pick a favorite here. They are all great!

  2. I am drawn first to the lily because it reminded me of a great fragrance. I think this is a great way to make yourself do art every day. You can't hurt yourself one bit for practicing every day.