Saturday, July 2, 2011

NaSkeDraMo Day 2

This was the second Saturday (for me) of the DC Sketchers class, led by Kent Gay.  We went to a park near the National Botanical Gardens and sketched there.  We are still working on contour drawings, but this one is a modified contour and was done in twenty minutes.  Modified contour is working like blind contours, but you can look at the page you're drawing just can't draw while looking at it.  It's my second sketch (Day 2) for National Sketching and Drawing Month (NaSkeDraMo), a project of the Sketch Crawl Group.


  1. great contour drawing! so...if I understand, you can "check" you work as you go?

  2. If I don't check, my drawings are all kind of wonky. Sometimes wonky is good.

  3. I like that idea. I talk about something similar in my classes, but I've never had the students do it. Great drawing of yours. Sounds like you're having fun. Thanks for keeping in touch.