Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NaSkeDraMo Days 18, 19 and 20

Day 18:  "Toy Bug Needs Repair--Toy Flatbed to the Rescue"

Day 19  Toy Woodie and surfboard  "Wouldn't it be nice?"  Wooden it be nice?  Haha

Day 20  Fire Chief on the Way!   I feel like I should have drawn in the hill he's headed up!  He has a rumble seat, and on the tool box at the back it says KEEP BACK!!!

I think that does it for toys....Don't know what I will sketch tomorrow and Friday.  Saturday I will be joining up with Celeste and Carrie at the Horse Brass Pub....we might get in a sketch or two there.  I will keep the project up until the end of July.


  1. Cheerful little cars. Like the intense color.

  2. love these charming vehicles...! I will bring my art supplies to Horse Brass.... It will be great to see you..seems like you've been gone forever!