Thursday, July 28, 2011

NaSkeDraMo Days 21-28

I have fallen way behind, so this will include a lot of sketches.  I have kept up with the Sketch a Day project and have done one a day....though I fell behind on posting them!

These are not being posted in order, for reasons I will explain shortly.  The "Shooooz" above were the sketch for Day 27.

Day 21:

I did a pretty complicated sketch of a small sculpture of "Blind Justice" that is on Louisa's mantel in her home in Washington DC.  It's about 12"tall.  I have not been able to get a good jpeg image of my sketch, but am posting what I have.

Now is a good time to say why I didn't want to go chronological on this posting.  I think this sketch will not show up well on the Facebook thumbnails, and I have learned that most of my friends and followers use the Facebook as a trigger to have a look at the blog.  I am thinking that if I have something that can't be seen very well, no-one will take a closer look!  The "shoooz" are more dramatic in thumbnails!  Tell me if that is silly.  All in all, my "Justice" rendition is a good drawing, but not necessarily something that "shows well."

Day 22:

July 22 was, for me, a moment of personal history as it was the maximum temperature I have ever experienced.  It was so hot.  It was 120 degrees when you take the temperature and the humidity into account--called the "heat index."  My grandaughter Sophia had indicated an interest a few days earlier in making a sketch of the soccer coach's cooler.  I was impressed then that she had picked up on the importance of shapes because the shapes are what make the cooler "cool."  I made a sketch of the cooler that day and it was a total failure. When it was so hot that we had to stay inside on July 22, I had the idea of making a new sketch from a previously failed sketch and my memories.  I wanted something "cool."  Above is the result.  I found the exercise helped me simplify a lot.

July 23:

Well, this was a big day for me because I returned to Portland.   My friends Celeste and Carrie joined me at the Horse Brass Pub in Portland.  We made quite a a few sketches, but this is the one I posted for "NaDraSkeMo."  It's a table and chair at the pub. 

Day 24:

The first thing I saw when I came home was the beautiful begonias on my front porch in a big they were the logical sketching choice.  I ended up with a watercolor effect, and I like it a lot. 

Day 25:

I had sold some cards at the Trail's End Art Association Gallery in Gearhart and they have an annual show coming up, so I took the opportunity to drive over, pick up my money, and put a painting in the show.  One of my favorite places on the way to Gearhart (and back) is Camp 18.  I stopped on the way back, ordered a Marionberry cobbler a la mode and requested a table with an interesting lamp. I got all that, and more!!!   I was travelling solo and intended to make a sketch...and I did.  I'm thinking:  You need to ask for what you want...and enjoy it!

Day 26:

 On Tuesdays, we (Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters) have breakfast at O'Connor's in Multnomah Village near my home and then some of us (usually Carrie and Celeste) come to my house to do some simple sketches.  Carrie had sketched the my storyteller bear before, but I had a strong urge to do it myself.  It was fun.  We made many sketches, but this is the one I chose to post for the Sketch a day project. It's a bear with a story-teller and children hanging on to hear the stories.  The bear is happy to support the activity.

Day 27:  It's the shoes....they're seen at the top of this post!

Day 28:

I have an amazing clematis vine in bloom.  This is just a brief glimpse into the glory.  They are really spectacular, and this is only a small part of the show.  I hadn't used gouache for awhile and used it for this.  It was a little difficult, but I want to get back into least sometimes. 


  1. great sketches....all of them--your shoes are especially beautiful

  2. You do have one of the most amazing clematis plants I've ever seen. Brilliant sketches!