Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sketching at the Zoo

NaSkeDraMo Day 3.  At the Zoo, I made a sketch of an orangatan in the "Think Tank."  It was indoors, and a little dark, where the orangatans have some challenges to think.  The sketch was quick, because they are very active.  They even do somersaults and back flips!!!  They arrive by using an "O Line" from the Ape House:

It is strictly their choice to move from one of their facilities to the other.  They just "hang out" at the Ape House, but have intellectual challenges at the "Think Tank."  When they arrived, there were food treats hidden and they found them.  Then, two of them fought over a blanket--finally, the keeper brought another one, but the "blanket games" continued.  Then Kyle, who is essentially a teenager, demonstrated his memory and matching skills, as explained by one of the scientists who worked there.  We also saw many other animals, including pandas.   They were pretty docile because of the heat.

Goin' to the zoo today.....

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  1. great sketch! you definitely got the feel of him...with very few lines! REALLY GOOD