Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thank you Sheryl

This is a little late, but is a very sincere thank you to my friend Sheryl.  While I was in California for my recent 50-year high school reunion, I visited Sheryl and we went to an extraordinary concert.  Sheryl and I were THERE in the sixties and have stayed friends since.  There have been many changes in our lives, but our friendship endures.  Sheryl  prepared a great dinner and then took me to the concert.  I knew it would be good because I trust her.  Marianne Aya Omac was the headliner, but (get this) the "also featuring" artist  was Joan Baez.  Anyone who knows me knows that was a "hook" for me.  The concert was wonderful, and Joan's support of Marianne is well justified.  I am sure you will hear more about her--she is very talented and forceful.  What I found remarkable was that ALL of the music was obviously chosen by Marianne.  Joan tried to play "second fiddle," but (of course) she always shines.  I hope I captured her spirit in this little painting.  She still ROCKS and has the voice.

PS:  readers of my travelblog know about this, but hadn't seen the little painting.  Hope I didn't overdo it, but it was so memorable, that I am indulging a little.


  1. Yay Joan Baez!! I'm a life long fan too. Love this little painting, great memory for you.

  2. oan Baez was nice to take a back seat to Omac. Says a lot about her. You definitely caught a "dance move" in that beautiful little painting.