Monday, October 17, 2011

Another day...another present

At another recent dinner party (Hey, do I have a good life or what?) Nancy surprised us all with dragonfly plant ornaments.  I put mine next to a couple of lilies in a pot.  For this card, I decided to show only a little of the stem.  The plant ornament is so pretty.  It has copper highlights.  In the card for Nancy, I used water-based metallic copper paint.  The lily died  back, but the ornament is still looking great and now decorates an indoor plant in my front hall.  That plant is about five years old, so I am confident it will be the right spot to show off the dragonfly for some time to come.

Thanks, Nancy, for your thoughtfulness and on-going friendship.  It means a lot to have friends like you, and little gifts that remind me how special you are.

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