Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Fun Project From Jan

Not too long ago, I went for a dinner at my friend Jan's condo in the Pearl District in Portland.  It's very nice and we had a special group of friends.  She had organized an art project for us, but we got busy talking about it and ran out of time.  The art project was a picture frame for each grandchild, and monopoly letters to glue on and spell out their names.  I brought the project home.  It took me awhile to do it, and even longer to do this card.  It turned out to be fun.  The frames are different, but related, just like the children.  Griffin in his bicycle helmet and Sophia with a welcome sign she made on one of my visits.  This was a "just for fun" painting on a thank you card.

Thanks, Jan....this is something I will treasure and the kids will love it when they visit in December.  I think they know I think about them all the time, but they always like physical reminders of how important they are to me.  

And, as always, thanks Jan for your friendship.  It was great to march for peace with you yesterday.


  1. Your Thank You Cards give many of your friends pleasure - along with the recipient!

  2. I saw these great frames in person---they turned out great and your drawing of them did too!