Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Guest Book in the Plum Gallery

Since the opening of the Plum Gallery in June, 2009, I have encouraged guests to sign my guest book and make a comment.  The comments really mean a lot.  Actually, I look at them fairly often and love to re-read them.  The comments for the opening were particularly exuberant--"very exciting launch!" and "great use of the space" are examples.  The help me recall the excitement I felt at just doing making the Plum Gallery happen.

Other favorite comments are "a beautiful idea come to life," "a visual feast,"  "What a surprise!" and "a great presence."  A special favorite is "Fantastic! Fabulous! Fun!"

Recently, I had visitors to the new "Labyrinth" show, and was especially warmed by comments in my guest book.  It is nice to know that others are inspired by my work, and that it brought one viewer "peace."

I paint to express myself, especially in the labyrinth series, but this sort of encouragement makes it more fun. I'm glad I started that guest book.  I will have a special reception for Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters on Tuesday, and I'll encourage them to keep the tradition.

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  1. Yes.....comments are especially nice when they are written in longhand! The guest book is a gallery necessity! I'll be sure to sign on Tuesday. :)