Saturday, October 22, 2011

Something to Spice Up My Day

Here's something fun....a pepper plant!   My friend Celeste surprised me with a very cheerful potted pepper plant.  With the dreary weather outside, it is a welcome red/orange with green leaves.  I put it in a turquoise Bauer pot.  Does anyone know about Bauer pottery?  It's a classic!!!  

Thanks, are well represented in my "Thank You Card" series, and I've probably missed something. It's because you are so generous.  Generous with tangible gifts and with a very nourishing friendship.  It warms my life as well as my kitchen on these shortening days.


  1. oh the pepper plant looked great in the icon in my sidebar and brought me over to see it..! I don't know about Bauer pottery..I do know about McCoy. I'm glad the pepper plant has you for an owner...(to give it such honor by putting it in a pretty pot and painting it too!) It goes without saying (but I'l say it anyway) ..YOU are a treasured friend!

  2. Hot peppers! Ole'! Looks like SUNSHINE and WARMTH on this dreary day! Of course, you brighten any day with your laughter and wonderful smile!

  3. Oh I remember this plant. I think you have done a wonderful job painting it.