Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Art Show at the Plum Gallery

I had a great Christmas.   My daughters Louisa and Jenifer were both in my house for a few days, as well as my brother Jeff, my son-in-law Peter, and my grandchildren Griffin and Sophia.  It was a full house, and we enjoyed our time together.

On Christmas Day, Elizabeth, Catherine and Mary (my step-daughters) and their mother Jane joined us....and also Matt and John, plus many grandchildren and a Japanese exchange student.   We had the usual over-the-top feast, stockings so full of special gifts that it was almost too much to take in, and traditional festivities....but we added something new!  It was a family art show in the Plum Gallery.  It was great fun because it was a "pop up" show.  We had no idea what would be shown....until we started putting it up.

There was a wonderful series of drawings by Jane Rondthaler called "The Bernie Packer Series."   Above is a shot of some admirers (Catherine Rondthaler, Matt Jolley, Elizabeth Jolley, and Louisa Reynolds) of Jane's work.  Helen Jolley is in the background.  Elizabeth, Catherine and Mary remember when Jane would do this kind of drawings to include in letters.  They were glad to see how many were saved.  Here's a sample drawing:

Elizabeth showed two types of art.  One was a hat knitted for her mother "many years ago":

The other was illustrated recipes...very creative, I'd say, especially since there were copies of the recipes to take home:

Mary (Howard's youngest daughter) showed a series of drawings from art school:

My daughter Jenifer entered an interpretation of "The Scream" that she had done a few years ago:

Granddaughter Rebecca also had some entries:  

Grandaughter Caroline contributed an origami and light creation she had made for her brother.  It was in the Plum Gallery, but we brought it upstairs and photographed it draped on a chair.  I used the slightly blurry image because it really plays up the lights:

Grandchildren Sophia and Griffin contributed some of their art, too:

There was more.  Catherine and John brought some great pieces...and my photo was too blurry to use.  I hope to add those in another post...assuming someone else got a picture.

I had some art in the show, too....several labyrinth paintings were up when we first started.  I took those down to make room for the show, but left a small labyrinth and a rubbing of a finger labyrinth.

It was fun!  We need to do it again!!!


  1. Who Knew you have such a creative family? Ha! That was a great idea and it keeps the little ones going with their Arty Cammy!

  2. Carolyn! Your joy and love of life and art shines through in all you do! What a great experience you provided for everyone -- and it seems like everyone enjoyed partaking. Happy New Year! Katherine

  3. Carolyn, your photos all got replaced by big explanation marks (?) I'll check back to see the work when you get it fixed...meanwhile, I agree with Carrie, having the art show is a great way to share something special with your family. :)

  4. I think I fixed the was related to some issues I'm having with Picasa albums. Thanks for the patience!!!!

  5. A family art exhibit at the Plum is such a good idea. I enjoyed the variety. You should put a photo of one of your labyrinths in to complete the post. Your labyrinth series is tour de force

    1. I thought about it, but I actually posted the labyrinths as I went they are in the blog already.