Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flowers from Virginia---again!!!

Well,  it can never be too often.  Just in time for my holiday festivities.  I got this beautiful candlelit arrangement from Virginia.  It really added to the warmth of a great time with a houseful of daughters, grandchildren, my brother, sons in law, and a Japanese exchange student.  It was a lot of fun and, as readers of this blog know, we also assembled a family art show.

Virginia also gave a "little extra" to help with art supplies.  Well, she always says it's for whatever I want, but I know I will spend it on art supplies!  I already bought a dvd that goes with a book I already had about Expressive Figure Painting.  Very inspirational!!!  Having fresh flowers always is, too.  I did this a week or so ago, but am behind on my blogposts.  I'll send this card to her with a thank you note.


  1. Virginia is so thoughtful...and so are you, to paint this nice painting for her of the flowers she sent!

  2. Thanks, Celeste. Hope all is well with you. It is a little crazy for me because of that class reunion memory book project. It is not going well, but I will do it.