Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Really Nice Day

Carrie, Celeste and I went on an urban sketch outing at Jamison Square in the Pearl District yesterday.  We are doing a "scavenger hunt" sketching project.  There's a list of things that need to be sketched to complete the hunt.  One of the things was someone in stripes.  I had so much fun sketching the young woman above.   She had two kids running around and a big spouse who sometimes stood between me and her.  She was always busy with her family and she also had her own things going on.  She changed from hair hanging down to a ponytail, put on a hat, rolled up her pants so she could wade, and all sorts of things.  I just loved how vibrant and confident she was, and she "rocked" those stripes.

I also sketched a bicycle, which just happened to have a baby trailer attached:

It was fun to be out in the sunshine...sketching with friends.  


  1. Great sketches, Carolyn.... and you described the outing well! The "Scavenger Hunt" turns out to be super fun! :)