Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There Is Nothing Like a Handmade Gift

A few months ago, there was a Facebook challenge to make a handmade gift for five of your friends who asked for it.  My step-daughter Elizabeth, who is always very creative, met the challenge and said she would make a handmade gift for the first five who responded to her (and then agreed to do it for five of their friends, by the way).  Knowing that something from Elizabeth would be very special, I said "Yes!" to her and was one of the first five who asked for a handmade gift from her.

What Elizabeth made is pictured above, though I didn't do it justice.  She made a pillow with the outlines of the hands of the people in my immediate family---my beloved Jenifer, Louisa, Peter, Sophia and Griffin.  She portrayed it with my pair of hands kind of holding them.  It is very meaningful and also fun at the same time.  Elizabeth really knows how to hit those heartstrings--I'm grateful for these special people and also grateful for Elizabeth recognizing what means the most to me.

I did make a little card, but this one is done in marking pen.  I couldn't make watercolor work for it.  I had to use my"artistic license" on the edge.  The print of the words "faith, hope, love" is smaller and far more intricate, but I had to do what worked for doing the card.  Also, I ended up elongating things a little.  The pillow is actually square.  I love it all, but I find it especially endearing that my "girly girl" 4-year old granddaughter Sophia showed her fingernails painted!  Elizabeth used drawings that were sent to her, so they are originals of those people.  Griffin is "all business" and made his hand as a complete image....closed at the wrist.  I also love how Elizabeth showed me as an anchor and Peter as a central figure.  Our immediate family is small, but our love is big.  I really appreciate Elizabeth's being able to know that...and then to give me something that shows it.

Now, I have to do a handmade gift for those who responded to me on the Facebook challenge.  One of those is Elizabeth.  She set the bar pretty high....hope I can reach it!


  1. totally charming....The love shines through! (the painted nails are the BEST)...all so sweet. I'll be watching to see what you do next. (Whatever it is, it is sure to bring a smile!)

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