Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birds at Camp 18

I had a great outing on the day before my birthday with Carrie, Celeste, and Eileen.  We went to Camp 18, where there's a lot of old logging equipment, a creek, a huge lodge, and lots of birds.  We've gone almost every year for my birthday for several years now, and we always make a fun day out of it, with breakfast in the lodge, and painting on the grounds for the rest of the day.  Celeste and Carrie gave me little bird figurines because birds are a favorite gift for me to remember these outings.  These ones seem like they are friends having a little chat, so I painted them together.  The little chick with the yellow hat is from Carrie, and the imaginatively painted one is from Celeste.  We had a great breakfast, and then set up to paint.  It rained off and on the whole time we were there, but we were able to find a shelter and painted what we could out of the rain.  Carrie gave a watercolor demonstration.  Kathy Pugh joined us a little later.  Before leaving, Celeste and Carrie brought out a surprise birthday cake.  What fun!  The painting is in gouache.  There is more to come!


  1. the birds look adorable! ...all birds should wear hats and have little "talks"! Your birthday celebration at Camp 18 is a VERY fun day--I love it every year! :)
    Wonderful painting of the feathered friends.

  2. I picked out that little colorful bird for you immediately after seeing it; I just thought it fit you to a T. You have rendered them perfectly.