Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to me....with Orchids!

I just had a birthday and it was fun to get phone calls, cards, and gifts as well as many hugs.  I'll be making posts of thank you cards for the gifts on this blog over the next few days...maybe even weeks.  My family and friends are very generous to me.  

I got TWO fresh flower arrangements.  This one is from my daughter Louisa and her family.  There are two kinds of orchids, tiny ferns, sweet william bunches, bamboo, dramatic leaves and little green chrysanthemums. Very nice!   

I really wanted to have a certain electric tea kettle and I put it on my Amazon "wish list." The system works!  I got just the one I was also from Louisa, Peter, Griffin and Sophia.  Here's my little sketch of it on the back of the thank you card:

The blue curved line on the lower right is the cord.....for serving, the kettle lifts off the base and is cordless.   Makes me want to sing "I'm a little teapot...short and stout" with Sophia!

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