Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Pretty Little Crane

Origami cranes....symbols of peace and healing...and also very beautiful.  My friend Nancy gave me a particularly unique crane.  It's an ornament that looks just like a paper origami crane, but it is made of resin and so is permanent.  It is beautiful.  The colors are very subtle.  This card is a collage of a watercolor painting of the crane over some metallic gold origami paper.

Nancy and I have some history of folding cranes.  Neither of us is very adept at crane folding, but we can do it.  We had a situation in which I was supposed to teach it and Nancy was one of the "students."  We still find it amusing---I still can't fold one without a "cheat sheet!"   Our experience was good for lots of laughs....and we still find it amusing.

I also have various cranes that have been given to me over the years, including a mobile that has 80 cranes that was a present to my dad for his 80th birthday. When he died, I couldn't part with it.

So this little crane will bring me happy memories....and a few giggles.

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  1. What a lovely painting and lovely story to go with it, my sweet, talented, and fun friend!