Friday, November 2, 2012

Snowmen at Lane Gallery

Next month, I will have a show at the Lane Gallery.  It will feature labyrinths and snowmen.  When I recently talked with the gallery owner, Gila Lane, she suggested that I bring in some snowmen cards and she will have them on display as the "season" approaches.  Of course, all Winter is snowman season!

So, this is this year's snowman card!  I'm celebrating my "big show" at Lane Gallery.  The artist reception will be December 7.  Save the date!  

The snowman is very happy about being at the Lane Gallery.  Lane Gallery is at what we call Clinton Junction--near the intersection of 26th Ave and Clinton in Southeast Portland and right next to the Press Club.  It's a fun place featuring local artists.   Instead of "open" and "closed," the sign is "Here" or "Not Here."  This is how the Lane Gallery looks from the street:

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  1. Your snowmen and your labyrinths are gong to look great in the Lane! and your special Lane Snowman is simply wonderful...Congratulations!