Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Return to the blog!!!!

I began a new drawing class tonight, and I am inspired to return to the blog.  Informally, it will now be known as Plum Gallery East, because I am in Washington DC.  This drawing is certainly not the best of my work (and my photo doesn't help) but I am proud of getting back into drawing from life.  I just haven't been doing it, and this was my first attempt tonight.  Recently, I took a few classes in Alexandria where we painted from photos.  The teacher was very good, and I loved the whole setting, but I need to get back into the sketching/drawing routine....and also to plein air, now that the weather is warming up.  This sketch was fun.  It is a one-minute effort....so it is very "sketchy."  I enjoyed that a lot.

The class is about a block from my house!  Some people would say less, but I say it is two half-blocks, meaning one block.  The teacher is great.  We actually did quite a bit of practice on perspective by drawing a cardboard box.  That was fun, too.  Plus, we could enjoy wine while drawing.  It may not get any better than this....though my plan is for my drawing to get better.


  1. glad to see you are back to blogging, Carolyn. I love your drawing--it is so Haiku. :)

    1. Thanks, Celeste. I sent it out to the world and didn't know what would happen. Haiku is good! The teacher even made sketching a cardboard box challenging though my drawing was not good. On the other hand, I am thinking of posting it.

  2. Great to see you back blogging, and drawing, too! It couldn't be more convenient, could it?