Saturday, May 10, 2014


This drawing is from last week.  I couldn't post it then because I was a little disappointed and left it behind.  When I saw it again a week later, I kind of liked it, and so did my teacher Carolina.  Now it is on the bulletin board where we post we like.  It is very "wonky" because it is a charcoal contour drawing.   For those who don't know, contour drawing is supposed to be more looking at the subject than looking at the object (or person...or whatever) being drawn.  That means that sometimes the lines don't actually match what is being drawn.  If you haven't tried it, I think you should.   To me, this drawing captures the "spirit" of the blender, and the push buttons are hilarious, and make me want to push them.  It was preliminary to an exercise that I feel I failed.

We were supposed to do a drawing that would be surreal, and would include a blender and some portions of the drawing studio interior.  I attempted to show two blenders dancing on pillows.  That would, of course, have created havoc when they were "turned on."  I failed so completely that I do not want to show my attempt and I will not try to complete it.  However, I am happy with this blender, though I would make some adjustments if I wanted to turn it into a painting.  /actually, I am happy to just let it be.

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  1. oh yes, this is a very successful blender...and I enjoyed reading about the blenders dancing on pillows--the description is entertaining!