Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I actually did this a couple of weeks ago, but have had a lot of trouble getting a good picture.   It's still not great, but I am going with it.  So, this was an hour's work of sketching a few buildings near the art workshop (Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, or CHAW), where I am taking my drawing class. This scene is actually only a half block from my home.   I am so close to CHAW and love that.  Our assignment was to draw some buildings from the grounds of CHAW.  I kind of like what I did, but really want to do more with this drawng. My mission was to tell about the arched doorway and I think at this point it is about the garlands on the buiding that is nearer.  I will work more on this one because I am generally happy with the progress and also because I need to do what I set out to do and focus on that lovely arch.  Architectural drawing is a challenge, but I have already have someone in my house who recognizes the specific buildings I was drawing, and that is a big reward.

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