Sunday, February 8, 2015

TY Bobby


One of the fun things at my house every Christmaas is getting the Moravian Coookies.  My sister-in-law "Bobby" Woodwell sends them and they usually arrive right after Thanksgiving.  I hoard them, though, until Christmas.  "Bobby" and Howard were raised as Moravians and it is a link for me to that family history.

There is nothing quite like Moravian cookies---especially the Ginger Crisps.  They are made by Mrs. Travis Hanes in Clemmons, North Carolina.  She makes the thinnest, crispiest, gingery-est cookies that I have ever tasted.  She (and her helpers) make them by hand...hand rolled, hand cut and hand packed.  They have come to taste like Christmas to me.

My little painting doesn't do them justice because they are MUCH thinner than I made them look. The star above is a Moravian star, which also comes out for Christmas at my house.

Just posting this now brings the taste back to me....

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  1. Mmmm...yes, I can almost taste them now. They ARE the taste of Christmas to me!